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Food & Hospitality Consulting

Ferrao & Associates as Food and Beverage Consultants offer specialty food & hospitality planning to major developers, businesses and industry in India and around the world.

Get in touch to discuss how Ferrao & Associates can help masterplan a new food strategy today for your project. The aim is always to maximise food and beverage (F&B) revenue, rental returns and asset value for your project.

Strategic Consulting

Assess the built- environment masterplan scheme and architectural plans, ensuring the project’s food and hospitality locations are aligned.
► Benchmarking
► Competitive Positioning
► Market Intelligence
► Trend Analytics

Trade Area Review Competition Review & Gap Analysis

Discover where your project’s food and hospitality strengths and opportunities lie.
Future Food will maximise the opportunities and future-proof your project by assessing the trade area potential and gap analysis.

Culinary & Beverage Consulting

► Product Architecture
► Sourcing
► Testing
► Cost/Price Modelling

Business Operations & Systems Development

► Performance Standards
► Policies and Procedures

Business Redevelopment

► Business Performance Audit
► Brand Audit
► Development of Alternate Models

International Representation

► Market Entry Analysis for international brands, Representation and Establishment of global brands
► Compliance Advisory on local laws, regulations and practices
► Top talent /star Chef representation
► Golf

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