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Training & Development

Restaurant Management Training Program

Whether you’re a smaller restaurant or a group with locations across your region, a restaurant managers training program is crucial to the success and steady growth of your organization.


Our integrated training and operations management platform is a low cost subscription with a per location monthly fee, a format that ensures you can train any new staff or refresh staff training at any time and create consistent systems across all sites. With two levels of engagement, we are confident you will see significant ROI in short order


How does this potential inexperience translate into your bottom line?


Higher turnover: Public Personnel Management found that effective training reduced employee turnover by 9%. While this figure may seem low, consider the average cost to train a new manager: $30,000. Some estimates are even higher – up to double a manager’s annual salary.

Less effective managers: Inconsistent management results in servers and staff who are less effective. This means your restaurant is never quite as productive as it could be, and could also lead to higher turnover rates among your other staff members.

Lower sales: The first two factors come together in a perfect storm: lower sales. Trained restaurant managers know how to motivate and encourage staff to increase sales. Inexperienced and untrained managers don’t quite get the behaviours of customers or know how to help servers maximize each guest check.

SOP Implementation Training & Team Building

SOP Implementation & Training

Ferrao & Associates develops the restaurant SOP’s , specifically to the type of operation and setup. A delivery kitchen or a cloud kitchen the SOPs would be quite different from as compared to Fine Dining Restaurant to QSR right up to Bar or a Café. Depending on the F&B Concept implemented, there would be customised SOPs altered for kitchen for ensuring maximum productivity of the team.

Your Staff is trained by F&A professional team and can offer to Hire the right candidates. Business Owners are trained for staff management SOPs, Food Safety Compliance, Theft and Inventory management, guidelines to reporting & business procedures. In addition, check on operations, monitoring the processes and surprise audits is a must recommended for the owner.


  • Hygiene & Safety SOP’s

  • Food Production SOP’s

  • Sales and purchase SOP’s

  • Standardization of Recipes

  • Wastage Control SOPs

  • Kitchen SOP’s & Checklists

  • Bar SOP’s & Checklists

  • Cash Handling SOP’s

  • First In First Out (FIFO)

  • Storage SOP’s

  • Inventory Management

  • F&B Service SOPs

  • HR Policies & Company Structure

Team Building

What’s work without enjoyment; A bit of vibrancy, enthusiasm and entertainment into our work goes a long way.

Research shows that by working through the differences together at the work, employees can build a more profound sense of mutual respect, trust and cooperation. For specific context in hospitality industry, studies have examined the ability of teambuilding activities to impact turnover, a continuing problem which has impacted the hospitality industry.

Ferrao & Associates will develop a long term team building program that is tailor-made for your business and will give you the best results for the team.


Workshops & Webinars

By coming to your location, we can connect with your team on their home turf. Our restaurant training programs and workshops cover proven industry best practices and can also be tailored to address specific business challenges your organization is facing.

Brand Strategy Workshop
Consolidate your message and re-energize your teams by exploring what is special about your brand. A strong brand strategy informs decisions at all levels of your organization and makes you stand out to customers. This full-day executive- and management-level workshop is designed to correct weaknesses in aging brands that have grown stagnant or strengthen existing brands that have launched without a clearly-defined strategy.
Topics and activities include:
Positioning statement development Competitive set exploration Understanding the target customer Brand aesthetic brainstorm

Off-Premise Sales Training & Planning Workshop
Empower your service staff to become active profit-generators for your business and generate higher income for themselves. This fun, energizing training session provides contextual background and practical techniques for staff to drive sales.
Topics and activities include:
Planning and goal setting LSM tactics
3rd party partners
Getting the most out of your catering technology Sales driving tactics
Time management


Night Lights

Food Safety Compliance

Its’ not about a practice or a certificate, its about all the practices working together in tandem with the operations so that you are confident that the food that goes out of your plant will cause no harm to the consumers.

Beginning with a gap analysis against selected standards, our consultants draft policies and procedures; documentation and template checklists for compliance with both local and international food safety standards.

Training is an integral part of maintaining an effective FSMS. We offer a variety of trainings in multiple delivery models to ensure that it meets the customer requirements. Our class room trainings can be conducted both at our premises or at the customer locations. All our trainings are delivered by industry experts who are a part of the team.

Design Thinking

We believe in integrating food safety into the design so that the effort required to implement an effective food safety management system is minimal.

Technical Knowledge

​We bring deep domain expertise along with process knowledge to enable effective implementation of the systems to deliver the required results.

Food Safety Culture

​Food Safety may be a quality function but it is really a cross organization deliverable. We work with all the stakeholders to make them understand the bigger picture.

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