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Established in 2021 Ferrao & Associates Food and Beverage Consultants was founded with a vision to enable Passion and Possibilities with the aim to deliver a complete range of Consulting, Management and Design services for investors and operators in the Hospitality, Entertainment and Leisure sectors throughout the Middle East, India and beyond the Food and Hospitality sector. Through our client centred approach, we have delivered strategic direction, tactical guidance and operational support to our international clients.

Ferrao & Associates embodies the ethos of a restless, professional and approachable business. Throughout the journey you will encounter proactive, imaginative and innovative thinkers who hold knowledge, experience and are intuitive to your needs. Creativity, energy and inspiration flourish throughout the journey. Our mission is to elevate food & beverage in hospitality with consulting around innovative concepts, changed management principles with worldwide best practises that would be sustainable and profitable.

We’re not just a business, we’re a group of people who are Passionate about Possibilities exposed to a wide-range and deep information that enriches every single project. We also love to inject vibrancy into our work through innovative report structures, “out of the box” thinking and warm client engagement. That’s why we’d like to share our six core values with you and what they mean to us: Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism, Innovation, Quality, and Fun.



Whether you’re in the exploratory phase or already up and running, achieving success in the food and beverage service industry requires a careful balancing act of controlling costs, boosting sales and staying relevant to changing consumer tastes. Theoretical solutions may offer inspiration but end up wasting resources without improving your balance sheet.


As former restaurant operators with over 18 years of experience in the dynamic Arabian Gulf marketplace and Western Asia, our seasoned restaurant consultants know exactly what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves. Using your goals as our guide, we objectively evaluate where you currently stand and provide a clear set of evidence- based modifications – or radical changes.


This research informs, inspires and helps forecast trends, discover best-practices, identify market opportunities and apply practical know-how. It is an ideal mix of business and cultural intelligence when combined with experience and original thinking to improve your productivity and increase your profits.


“Integrity and transparency are both essential in the hospitality industry.”


Bosco is a "hands on staff" who had worked for me while my tenure as Food and Beverage Manager at the Gulf Hotel in Bahrain.  His hardship and dedication in his assignment have always been praised and he was always liked by his superiors, colleagues and guests a like. Bosco has been instrumental in being exposed into various FB outlets where he had always given his support and due to his personal interest at work, he transferred to the Royal Golf Club where he has grown and excelled to higher position and responsibilities. A great guy to work with at all times !

Sunjay Reetoo

Palace Manager

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